LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As summer approaches and the weather gets warmer, bees can be found all over the Las Vegas valley and homeowners are finding themselves in scary situations.

South valley homeowner, James Crider told 8 News Now that if he didn’t get his bee situation taken care of when he did, things could have escalated quickly, putting him and his neighbors in danger. 

“50,000 bees on the side of my house is a scary situation,” Crider shared with 8 News Now.

Fortunately, Desert Squad Pest & Wildlife arrived Tuesday to take care of the situation. Company owner Michael Linton said that this time of year is when the bees take over.

“Irrigation valve box, hollow trees, BBQ grills, those are the areas where bees like to set up,” Linton said. “The biggest infestation that we’ve seen is about 100,000 bees.”

Other than seeing a swarm of bees, Linton said a good way to spot a beehive is discoloration. 

“How you can tell that the hive has been there for a while is look at the entrance,” Linton shared. “The darker the entrance, the longer they have been there.”

This past weekend, a bee attack near Valley View and Warm Springs sent one person to the hospital. Their condition is unknown at this time.

“Once they attack and sting you, they leave a stinger and pheromone and that tells all the others that you are now a target,” Linton shared.

If you happen to see a beehive forming near or on your property, call a pest control company right away to handle it.

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