This greeter welcomes shoppers to a large store of “collectibles” at the Fantastik Indoor Swap Meet.
Photo by Diane Taylor

Las Vegas has a number of very high-end shopping centers. Las Vegas locals, however, have “other” places to shop–and save money. One of those destinations (seen frequently advertised on local TV) is the Fantastic Indoor Swap Meet at 1717 South Decatur Blvd. The Swap Meet is open weekends only and boasts some 500 booths rented by individual entrepreneurs. Yes, if a local has “something to sell” he or she can rent a booth for four weeks and pay something like $650. If the “stuff” doesn’t sell, the local can pack up and go home. If her goods are popular, the local can then extend the rental and perhaps add more booths.

The Swap Meet has been in business since 1988, and I made a visit (camera in hand) last Sunday. The temperature in Las Vegas has been brutal; I was happy to feel a good deal of air conditioning as I entered the building, though later when I visited some “fer reaches” of the building, the climate was a bit warmer.

I had a great time walking through the mall. I was with families and folks of all ages, with lots of young folks manning the booths. Except for some chairs in a food area, I did not notice lots of chairs for tired shoppers. So when my feet said “time to sit” I went back to my car. Yes, I bought a $5 pair of well-made earrings and a $20 wallet (with three see-through Windows). My purchases were a bargain.

Like to shop and wanna have a good time? Try the Fantastic Indoor Swap Meet. My video is below:

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