Good morning fellow degenerates. It’s time for my birthday trip. Yes I know we were in Vegas a scant two weeks ago, but. Vegas

Heading to the Tulsa airport in a few and am leaving the “beating heart white noise” machine in the hotel room next door here.

What’s that you ask? Not the normal thump you hear through the hotel walls for three short minutes, but a thump thump for a straight six hours.

How do I know it’s a white noise machine? Because I have no shame and asked the lady, in the elevator, if she heard the building thumping last night. How her ten month old baby and spuds dog stood it, no clue. It was loud enough to hear over our fan.

Ok, enough of that. Off to Denver, then to the golden nugget. Why the GN? Between the two of us, we have over 3k of Freeplay, which beats MGM’s $1900

Away we go.


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