After Joe Lombardo dodged questions and got caught flat-out lying in an interview with the Nevada Independent, the NV Dems are unveiling a new series, “5 Days, 5 Ways Joe Lombardo is out-of-touch with Nevadans,” demonstrating the new ways Lombardo revealed himself to be out-of-touch with everyday Nevadans. On day one, we are highlighting Joe Lombardo doubling down on his vetoes of legislation that would have helped protect renters from being exploited by landlords and capped rent price hikes for the most vulnerable Nevadans, while refusing to offer a plan of his own. 

After being asked if he regretted vetoing housing affordability and pro-renter legislation last yearLombardo doubled down on his opposition to legislation that protected residents. Lombardo claimed his vetoes weren’t “because I’m friendly to the landlords”, but when asked if he regretted vetoing bills that would have made housing more affordable for Nevadans, Lombardo replied, “No, I don’t.” 

Social service groups said that the bills Lombardo vetoed would have prevented an eviction and homeless crisis: 

  • AB298, would have capped rent prices for Nevada seniors and Nevadans with disabilities
  • SB335 would have extended a 2021 law that expired June 5 that paused eviction proceedings for 60 days if a rental assistance application was pending. 
  • AB340 would have required tenants, rather than landlords, to be the first to file a case with the courts after receiving a pay or quit notice.  

When pressed multiple times if he could think of any legislation he would propose to stifle the housing crisis, Lombardo refused to offer any plan and instead blamed the housing crisis on unemployed people not being “forced to get out into society and apply for a job.” And when host Jon Ralston questioned Lombardo on if he was, “throwing up his hands and say[ing], ‘well it’s a federal issue, the BLM won’t give me land,” Lombardo stumbled answering that too, admitting that assessment was at least “50%” correct. 

“After a slumlord billionaire bought the election for him, it’s clear Lombardo is a bought-and-paid-for politician who can’t be trusted to put Nevada families ahead of his special interest donors and tackle the current housing crisis. Whether it’s addressing the lack of affordable housing, lying about his dangerous vetoes, or ONE MORE THING, NV Dems will remind voters every day this week just how out of touch Lombardo is with Nevada,” said Nevada State Democratic Party Spokesperson, Tai Sims.


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