It’s the final day of 5 Days, 5 Ways Joe Lombardo is Out of Touch with Nevadans and today we’re highlighting Joe Lombardo’s craven political capitulation to Donald Trump. This video is the capstone in NV Dems’ series putting a spotlight on Lombardo dodging questions, flat-out lying, and exposing himself as the out-of-touch politician he is in last week’s interview with the Nevada Independent.

After saying he can’t “turn a blind eye” to Trump’s criminal indictments last year, Lombardo’s politically-calculated fealty to Trump is once again on full display. Lombardo previously vetoed SB133, a bill that would have established felony criminal penalties for fake electors who attempt to steal Nevada’s electoral votes, as six now-indicted Trump supporters did in 2020 in Nevada, after which Trump boasted that having Lombardo in office would be a “big advantage” to him. 

“After a week of highlighting all the ways Lombardo has exposed himself as being out of touch with Nevadans, his total surrender to Trump after previously saying he ‘couldn’t turn a blind eye’ to Trump’s indictments shouldn’t surprise anyone,” said Nevada State Democratic Party Spokesperson Tai Sims. “Like Trump, Lombardo has a problem with the truth and the rule of law. He vetoed a bill that would have established felony criminal penalties for fake electors who attempt to steal Nevada’s electoral votes in an attempt to appease Trump, leaving the door open to those who may attempt to do it again.” 


Last week, Joe Lombardo dodged questions and flat-out lied in an interview with the Nevada Independent, and this week NV Dems spent the past five days highlighting how his positions demonstrate just how out of touch he is with Nevadans. When asked if he regretted vetoing housing affordability and pro-renter legislation last year Lombardo doubled down on his opposition to legislation that protected residents. After claiming his administration would govern with “transparency, candor, and integrity,” he turned around and said he would “use everything available to ensure success” – even if that means using dark money to win.” Lombardo also lied about his decision to leave our children behind when he vetoed AB139 which guaranteed free breakfast and lunch in public schools. Finally, when asked about the status of the state climate plan his administration ended, Lombardo replied, “that’s a great question”, offering no substantive plan to combat the roaring climate crisis. 

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