It’s day two of 5 Days, 5 Ways Joe Lombardo is Out of Touch with Nevadans and today we’re highlighting Joe Lombardo’s corruption and how he will do or say anything for political gain — including sell out Nevadans. 

In his State of the State Address, Joe Lombardo claimed that his administration would govern with “transparency, candor, and integrity” – but when asked if he would use dark money Lombardo replied, “I’m going to use everything available to ensure success.” Following his election, reporting revealed that Lombardo, contrary to bipartisan precedent, registered his inaugural committee as a dark money group in order to conceal his donors and hide how he was spending their money. After breaking precedent, Lombardo vetoed SB60 during last year’s legislative session, which would have required constitutional officers, including himself, to disclose their inaugural committee donors.

“After vetoing Democrat-led legislation that would have improved transparency in campaign finance law, Lombardo openly admitted that he’ll do and say anything to win, including using dark money.,” said Nevada State Democratic Party Spokesperson, Tai Sims “Joe Lombardo’s pledge to ‘govern with transparency, candor, and integrity’ is nothing more than another broken promise. In the year since making that promise, he’s covered up the truth, worked to dodge accountability from an ethics scandal, and hid information about his donors from Nevadans.”




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