A bartender sets down two cocktails in mushroom-shaped glasses, decorated with greenery.
Easy’s Cocktail Lounge. | Louiie Victa

Experience these hidden gems

It’s hard to believe that there are any secrets in Las Vegas. The city tends to favor over-the-top displays of grandeur over subtly. Nightclubs feature giant chandeliers and Cirque du Soleil dancers. Casinos don’t just close; they’re imploded with flourishes of fireworks. And yet even among the dazzling displays of neon, Las Vegas has its share of secret restaurants and bars. Many of the speakeasies in town are more open secrets than anything. But a few of them may still surprise you.

For those who believe that the best slice of pizza is at the end of a nondescript hallway and the most memorable cocktail is served at a bar with a password, here’s exactly where to go.


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