Las Vegas has no shortage of hotels. If you’re a tourist leaving McCarran International Airport and heading out onto Las Vegas Blvd, you’ll only have to drive a short distance in the desert until you end up in a city of bright lights, tall buildings, and lots of action. You’ll be surrounded by vibrant and eccentric hotels and resorts. Some of which include the Flamingo, Sahara, Tropicana, Caesars Palace, Circus Circus, The Mirage, and many others.

What about the best party hotels in Vegas? Are you curious to learn about the best hotels for bachelorette parties in Vegas? It seems like every hotel would be suitable for hosting a thrilling bachelorette party for a soon-to-be bride.

However, you should learn more about the potential hotel venues in the city and whether there are any Las Vegas bachelorette party hotel packages available. The budget and amenities should be your two main concerns when choosing a hotel.

11 Best Bachelorette Party Hotels in Las Vegas for 2024

Below are the 11 Best Hotels in Vegas for Bachelorette Parties. Some of these hotels are known for being wild bachelorette party destinations, while others provide a calmer and more relaxing atmosphere. You don’t need to go too extreme to show the bachelorette a good time, but don’t be too soft either. Give her a nice blend of excitement and relaxation, and she’ll remember it forever.

1) New York-New York

New York-New York - best hotels for bachelorette parties in Vegas

The New York-New York Hotel in Las Vegas is supposed to recreate the experience of staying at a real New York City hotel. Fortunately, the accommodations of the New York-New York hotel do not cost as much as the real thing. This makes it the perfect place to hold a bachelorette party, especially since it is positioned right on Las Vegas Blvd.

The hotel has a special service reserved for bachelorette parties called a “Zumanity Bachelorette Experience.” Guests can be treated to a provocative show, party photos, swag bags, and a special surprise reserved just for the bachelorette.

2) The Cosmopolitan

The Cosmopolitan - Best party hotels in Vegas

The Cosmopolitan can give your bachelorette party a combination of old-school fun with modern amenities and conveniences. What is truly unique about the Cosmopolitan is they have a team of bachelorette party planners who can assist you with planning the activities of your bachelorette party.

These planners can set up an itinerary for your party guests which may include a salon visit, dance venue, caviar taco dining, and a fancy brunch.

3) Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace - Best hotels in Vegas for bachelorette party

Caesars Palace is the iconic hotel of Las Vegas. The atmosphere is a mixture of Roman-style themes with modernized luxuries and amenities. Some examples include the hotel’s Roman baths and the Oasis of the Gods swimming pools. Both of these luxuries will make you and your girlfriends feel like true Roman royalty. The bedroom suites at the hotel are large and spacious enough to accommodate huge bachelorette parties.

4) Bellagio

Bellagio - Las Vegas bachelorette party hotel packages

Does the bachelorette like a more relaxing atmosphere away from the chaos of the big city? If so, then you should consider booking reservations at the Bellagio hotel. It offers guests a luxurious spa treatment which includes pedicures and manicures. The dining options are truly diverse with high-quality food choices that are as good as restaurant food.

Since Bellagio is centrally located along the Las Vegas Strip, you can easily access other shows and activities without having to drive to them from the hotel.

5) Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino - Best hotels for bachelorette parties in Vegas

The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino can offer your bachelorette party a perfect balance of several different types of amenities. You can enjoy wild swimming pool areas, some craft beer at the Center Bar, and some grooming and pampering at the Reliquary Spa. This is a great way for your party guests to relax and enjoy each other’s company as good friends.

6) The Palazzo

The Palazzo - Las Vegas bachelorette party hotel packages

The Palazzo is a resort hotel with a feminine style to it. The hotel is within close proximity to many nearby luxuries, so you should make Palazzo the central base of your bachelorette party. Then have the guests treated to a relaxing spa treatment at the Canyon Ranch Spa. If your girlfriends like to swim, then all guests of the Palazzi can join the Aquatic Club where you can have a wild time at the swimming pools.

Overall, the hotel is ideal for women who like a sophisticated environment which caters to femininity.

7) The Palms

The Palms - Best party hotels in Vegas

The Palms resort hotel is another ideal bachelorette party or girls’ night out destination. Enjoy a relaxing time in the Drift Spa at the hotel while socializing with your friends. Guests have access to an event staff which is available whenever you need assistance or refills on your drinks! The Palms has the Pearl Theater, where a lot of entertaining shows take place at the hotel.

If your girlfriends enjoy a nice martini, then you’ll love visiting the Rojo Lounge. 

8) Park MGM

Park MGM - Best hotels in Vegas for bachelorette party

Park MGM is the newest conceptual hotel in Las Vegas. It has replaced the Monte Carlo Casino Resort which was previously there. Instead of the old-fashioned gold and mirror look, the new Park MGM features Renaissance art, alcove beds, frescos, music and so much more. Bachelorettes will enjoy having their party here because of the karaoke rooms and the regular performances by Lady Gaga at the Park Theater.

9) Wynn Las Vegas

Wynn Las Vegas - Las Vegas bachelorette party hotel packages

The Wynn hotel already has a reputation for being the best Vegas hotel for a bachelor party because it is so stylish and luxurious in every way. However, it is also one of the best hotels for bachelorette parties in Vegas as well.

Many bachelorette groups make reservations at the Wynn because they offer large rooms for parties of all sizes. If your girlfriends enjoy sunbathing in front of a uniquely designed pool, then you’ll all enjoy the Wynn’s European style pool.

The best part is that bachelorette party packages are available which include special dinner packages. Your group can enjoy a nice dinner at Andrea’s, Allergo, or Jardin while gaining VIP admission to your favorite clubs.

If you want the optional bottle service, you can add that onto your package too. 

10) Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino

Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino - Best hotels for bachelorette parties in Vegas

The Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino is a good choice for budget-minded hostesses. You can book an oversized suite which can accommodate 5 guests for a very reasonable price.

For the bachelorette party, you can purchase the Sip and Spa package at the Rio Spa & Salon at the hotel. When you’re done with that, you can all relax in the lounge area of the lobby while enjoying a free drink together. Guests also have free access to the rooftop lounge as well. There are just so many ways you can have a good time here without spending too much money.

11) Circus Circus Hotel

Circus Circus Hotel - Best hotels in Vegas for bachelorette party

Here is another budget-friendly hotel resort in Las Vegas. It is recommended for bachelorette parties with smaller group sizes, preferably under 7 people. You can find a lot of fun things to do at the hotel. What is truly unique is their indoor theme park which includes 25 different attractions and rides.

There are also 3 outdoor swimming pools and free circus performances which take place throughout each day. It is more of a family resort, but it is still good for a bachelorette party if you girls want to have some innocent, clean fun.


Do any of the hotels above sound like the ideal place to host your bachelorette party? If so, don’t go ahead and make your reservations just yet. You need to take a hard look at your budget for the party and make sure it can cover all the costs associated with this venue and its services.

Below are the top three categories of hotel expenses you can expect for your bachelorette party. Do your research by finding out the costs ahead of time for all the prospective hotels in which you may want to host your party.

1) Room Rate Per Night

The nightly rate for a hotel room is a common expense you should already care about. Most people do not book hotel rooms without knowing how much they are per night. However, since you’re planning a bachelorette party with several guests, you need to find a room which is big enough to accommodate all of them.

This means you’ll need to start looking at the nightly rates of various suites in these hotels. Try to make sure there are enough beds for all your guests because you’ll probably be partying well into the early morning hours of the next day.

If you’re only staying one night, then don’t be afraid to splurge a little bit on the cost of the suite. Imagine if you had five guests and they all chipped in $200 for the room. You could end up renting a $1,000 per night suite with a plethora of accommodations included with it.

2) Food Costs

Hotels make a significant portion of its revenue from selling meals and snacks. Most of the resort hotels in Las Vegas even put restaurant menus in their rooms. All guests have to do is call in their order from the phone, and a waiter will bring the food to their room. The costs of these meals are added onto the final hotel bill that is given to the guests after they check out.

You can expect hotel food prices to be greatly inflated. If you’re really on a tight budget, then you should bring your own food instead of ordering food from the hotel. You could probably save hundreds of dollars by doing this.

But if you’d prefer to have the hotel cater to your food needs, then find out the costs of their food selection ahead of time. In fact, you could reserve a food order for your party and prepay in some cases. 

3) Amenities Costs

Amenities are the third expense to worry about when staying at a hotel. Aside from the food costs, the hotel may offer other luxuries which cost money too. The most common hotel resort luxuries in Las Vegas include spas, manicures, pedicures, massages, souvenirs, transportation accommodations, and more.

Contact each hotel you’re interested in and find out the amenities they offer. If any of them would interest the bachelorette, then get an estimate on the costs associated with those services.

Now do the same thing with a few other hotels so you can expand your options. You don’t necessarily need to choose the cheapest hotel, but you also don’t want to risk going overbudget either.

Final Tips

You might wonder what the difference between all of these luxurious hotels is. One hotel might seem like the same as another hotel. However, what makes these hotels unique are the shows and amenities they offer. Don’t forget that most of the shows in Las Vegas take place in the hotels. Some shows are even exclusive to just one hotel.

So, if you’re looking for a certain type of show to entertain the bachelorette of your party, then you need to find out which hotel features those shows. Then you can book reservations at the hotel and get tickets for the shows. Sometimes you can get a package deal on both, depending on if the hotel offers any.

Special Las Vegas bachelorette party hotel packages can often be found during the holidays or other special occasions. After all, this is the time of year when people travel the most. If you can plan the bachelorette party around a certain holiday, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, then you might find some amazing deals at the best hotels for bachelorette parties in Vegas.


As you can see, it is difficult to narrow down the best hotels for bachelorette parties in Vegas because there are so many of them. That is why the choice you make will really depend on the type of fun the bachelorette might like.

Would she like to see live comedy shows at the hotels? Does she enjoy getting a spa treatment or her nails done? Try to find out the answers to these questions if you don’t already know them. Then book your reservations ahead of time at the necessary hotel.


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