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Shop the 29 Best Low-Heeled Sandals for Summer


As a member of the 5’2” and under club, I’m proud to say people are often surprised to hear what my height actually is. Not to say there’s anything wrong with being on the petite side of the spectrum, but I do aim to always dress in a way that’s flattering for my body type, and it seems I’ve been successfully elongating my appearance all this time.

So, what’s my secret? I have many, actually—but among things like tailoring clothes to fit well, optioning for hemlines that lengthen rather than cut me off, and choosing color schemes that blend rather than break me up, my favorite has to with footwear, and it’s also the easiest. While I’m not much of a casual heels girl (though I do love a party shoe), you’ll also rarely find me in anything that’s completely flat. That means that when I shop for summer sandals, they almost always have at least a slight heel or platform, if not more of a legitimate block heel or wedge situation going on. It sounds simple, but people tend to underestimate what one to two inches can do for an outfit and your overall look while maintaining that cool-casual vibe. With that said, today I’ve rounded up the summer sandals I’d buy to feel tall in­—plus some that are either owned by me or in my cart already. To get started shopping my 29 favorites, simply keep scrolling.

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