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Several Strip Hotels Overrun by Insects • This Week in Gambling


Don’t look now, but your next stay at one of the many Strip hotels could have some unwelcome guests. Cimex lectularius, Cimex hemipterus and Leptocimex boueti, to be exact. Or, as we’ve all grown to call them, bed bugs. Seriously? At such an expensive place? Oh, yea.

Actually, there are several Las Vegas resorts up and down the Boulevard who have been found to have these little creatures waiting to welcome the next guest. And despite what you may believe, bed bugs are not restricted to to lower end hotels. In fact, they’re not a sign of filth or disease, and they can infest even the most lovely establishments.

Over the past several years, many Strip hotels have had to deal with these little bastards. Getting rid of them usually involves exterminators who come in, seal off the area, and begin fumigating the rooms and mattresses. And since these bugs can pop up anywhere, they can be a problem for even the highest end hotel.

You probably would not be surprised to learn that there have been bed bug issues over the past few years at Strip hotels like the Tropicana and Circus Circus. However, it may be a bit of a surprise to learn there have also been outbreaks at Sahara, Planet Hollywood, and even the MGM Grand.

If seeing the names of some of those Strip hotels was shocking, hand on to your hats. Additionally, bed bugs have even been found at higher end resorts like Caesars Palace and the Palazzo! So spending more to stay in Vegas doesn’t seem to be the answer, either! So, the next time you get to your room, before you unpack take a moment to check the bed!

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