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Science Behind Nevada's 2020 Earthquake


In the early morning of May 15, 2020, a magnitude 6.5 earthquake shook Nevada awake. The largest since 1954! This quake occurred in a fascinating seismically active area called The Walker Lane. Learn about this and the Mina deflection from the geologists at UT Dallas’ GeoScience Studio

– Special thanks to our scientific advisors for this episode –
Dr. Nick Mueller and Dr. Scott Kerstetter for their invaluable information on the Mina deflection and the surrounding area and thanks to Dr.Timothy Dixon and Taha Chorsi for their work with the interferometry figures used in this episode

Written By – R.J. Stern, Ning Wang, Zach Clowdus, Scott Kerstetter, Nick Mueller
Presentation and Narration – Ali Sealander
Video Editing – Zach Clowdus
Opening Title Animation – Alayna Wilson

References and Papers for the nerds!

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Link to Kerstetter dissertation:

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Link to Mueller dissertation:

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“Splitting North America – The Walker Lane – Part 1 – The Tectonics”

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Additional Credits

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Rock Scrape – By Benboncan from (
Slot machine – By JoannaLuna from (

Las Vegas sign – Thomas Wolf,
Gold – Photo by Getty
Emigrant Peak Fault and other field images – Scott Kerstetter & Nick Mueller
Fault Map – MyHAZARDS – Nevada from
Group of miners – Unknown author / Public domain from
Desert Mountains – By Rana Obaid from
Interferogram and Displacement Map – Timothy Dixon & Taha Chorsi
By from Pexels
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Earthquake Aftershocks –
Image of Satellite – ESA/ATG medialab (
Image of Silver Mineral –

Compass – By Miguel A. Padrinan from
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