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MB MAYBACH SEDAN B6 ARMORED HIGH SECURITY PRESIDENTIAL PACKAGE • Entire Passenger compartment is armored to create a protective sealed ballistic shell. • White LED Strobe Lights Front & Rear – State Dept / US Secret Service Protocol • Red/Blue LED Strobe Lights Front & Rear – Law Enforcement Protocol • Siren and PA Package • Emergency 2nd Battery Backup with driver switch • Both Batteries encased in Ballistic Steel • Fuel Tank encased in Ballistic steel • Driver side Indoor outdoor Intercom for easy communication at checkpoints • Engine Bay Fire Suppression System – 2 cannisters in bay & driver deployment switch • Proprietary Centralized Driver Security Console to operate all security features B6 Armor Certification and Vehicle Build Specifications 1. Certified B6 Armor Build Level: Euronorm 1063, NIJ 3 a. All Transparent & opaque ballistic materials used in the armoring process are certified to armor level B6, EN1063 by HP White Laboratories (USA leading testing facility) 2. Standard Security Features and Accessories: a. B6 Armor Package b. Vehicle suspension professionally upgraded to accommodate the vehicle armor weight. c. Run-flat devices fitted in all vehicles’ tires, Including full size spare d. Partially Operational Driver Window e. Battery, fuse box and ECM armored f. B6 Rated Armored Roof with Certified Steel g. B6 Rated Armored Firewall with Certified Steel h. Fuel tank Armored with Certified Steel Cover i. Floor armored to provide occupants blast protection against simultaneous detonation of (2) DM51 German hand grenade ordnance or equivalent j. Tailpipe protection to prevent insertion of foreign objects 3. Vehicle Layout Beyond Standard Configuration: • Hidden Red/Blue LED Strobe Lights Front . Optional White LED Strobes • Siren and PA Package • Engine Bay Fire Suppression System • Additional Partially Operable front Passenger door window 4. Opaque Armor - Level B6 Armor : Ballistic Steel and Composite Materials: • Ballistic Safety Cell with vertical and horizontal body surfaces armored using Ballistic steel or light weight composite materials to provide protection • Ballistic Safety Cell provides 360-degree protection against multiple projectiles of a linear or angled trajectory, ensuring no bullet or fragmentation will enter the vehicle’s interior. 5. Transparent Armor: Level B6 • Ballistic transparent armor () provided by ISOCLIMA, the world leader in the production no-spall, polycarbonate bullet resistant glass. • B6 Level Curved Windshield, Door Glass and Quarter Panel Glass • Clad-Polycarbonate-Mylar, ceramic paint bands to assure adhesion between polycarbonate layers, preventing: o De-lamination o Spalling or glass fragmentation o Discoloration from UV rays. • Window overlap system to assure no fragmentation will enter the vehicle. • Single-piece ballistic curved glass at windshield and doors for an OEM appearance, unimpaired performance of the OEM HVAC system, and multiple impact protection. • All ballistic glass installed with high quality automotive grade primer and urethane. 6. Locks: • All door locks to remain OEM and retain all OEM intended functionality. • Lock cylinder/key integrated into handle at rear bulkhead door for intrusion protection. • Emergency tailgate release latch at rear bulkhead. We’re all at greater risk now when traveling by vehicle down a street or highway. It’s all over the news. But, for those with higher safety demands and the modest means to address their concerns, we have solutions. Yes, there is a way to ride very comfortably and in safety at the same time! Mossad can now get you, your family or coworkers safely from Point A to Point B. We have four vehicle types to choose from to best custom fit the vehicle to your needs. Your decision could save lives! Call now for a FREE price quote.

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