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Dall-E Mini Visualizes Fake Sequels To Half-Life, Mass Effect


A series of images depicts surrealist AI-generated screenshots of a hypothetical version of Agent.

Image: Rockstar / Dall-E mini / Kotaku

We gotta keep the dream alive! Also, I’m a sucker for those first two Bourne films—the latter ones lost the thread and, good lord, don’t ever read those fucking books…I’ll never get that time back—which got an ambitious-but-not-so-great video game adaptation. That only left me wanting a genuine spy-thriller video game experience, and I, like many, was always hopeful Rockstar’s long-in-development Agent would eventually show up to deliver that.

Well. That will never happen. I do wonder if Dall-E connected the dots correctly though, because these environments absolutely scream “Rockstar open-world game.” And that’s where I think a purely theoretical Agent sequel would really excel.

Spy thrillers are good fun, but set one in an open world with maybe a dash of Elden Ring-style mystique that doesn’t spell things out for you and we’d have a game where we’re racing around a metropolis trying to piece together some kinda uber-secret government conspiracy, chasing people across rooftops, and getting into shootouts where you want to dodge the cops not just because they’re the antagonist force, but because they’ll blow your cover? Ugh, Dall-E, stop teasing me.

So there you have it! 10 games we’ll never see but, thanks to the magic of AI, we can daydream about. Maybe it’s becoming sentient afterall! These are mostly my list, so I’m sure y’all folks have plenty of your own impossible sequels you’d like to see.

Now we can imagine the probably not-too-farfetched future where an AI can just make a game based on this kinda prompt. And, surely, such an advance in technology where we could create complex media with mere language would make us reconsider our antiquated intellectual property and copyright laws that were established in the pre-digital era. Right? …Right?

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