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montaje realizado para el equipo de animación y deportes de Hoteles el Cid en 2006. source

Why Only an IDIOT Would Visit Las Vegas Right Now

Las Vegas has a long reputation for being the best place to take a vacation. Unfortunately, over the years it has become more common for tourists to feel like coming to sin city is a scam and a rip off. There have been a lot of changes in…

Las Vegas Things To Do 4K

This is a Las Vegas Things To Do travel guide. If you plan to visit Las Vegas you will be interested to see just what we have for you ... source

Las Vegas Strip at night [4K] Superbowl weekend 2022

Las Vegas Strip at night Superbowl weekend 2022. The Laughing Lion is walking the world famous Las Vegas Strip also known as Las Vegas Boulevard. It's best to visit the Strip at night to see all the casinos and attractions light up in…