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46 Items You Should Never Travel Internationally Without


Until a week ago, when I drove from New York City to Montréal for the Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix, I hadn’t left the country in nearly three years. Though travel restrictions eased up months ago, I, for whatever reason, continued to hold off, even when it felt like every last person on Earth—or at least my Instagram and TikTok feeds—was jet-setting on an international level. This month, however, my years-long streak came to an end, and I’m not stopping at just Montréal. Rather, by the end of its roughly 30 days, not one but two stamps will have been added to my almost-forgotten-about passport. Next stop? Berlin. 

Given that the only trips I’ve been on in recent memory involved either close-by work travel or home visits, packing for two separate international vacations in the span of one month called for a fair bit of planning. So, to prepare for my trip, and in turn, help you plan for your next transcontinental getaway, I created a no-item-missed packing list for traveling internationally. Keep scrolling to start checking things off. 

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